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Can Supplementation Reduce Your Brain Age?

Growing older is a part of life, one we all must face. How we handle that process can be scientifically measured by the number of “life crisis” we undergo. Those who have quarter-life crises are off to a particularly bad start. If turning 25 throws you for a loop, 50 should be a real hoot. In actuality, our cliche tantrums over aging are usually related to lack of fulfillment or frustrations with life not being what we dreamed of while we were young and full of endless optimism. The difference between a brain bursting with youthful exuberance and one bordering...

Nootropics And Neuroplasticity: Can You Accelerate Learning?

Humans have always sought to improve themselves, dating back hundreds of years. Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery began over 2000 years ago in 600 B.C in India. Roman males underwent “breast reduction surgery” and removal of unsightly scars. Those who had received grievous wounds in battle received nose “transplants”. While the means were barbaric, the goal was not dissimilar to elective surgery today: to improve one’s appearance and quality of life. In the present day, we have, thankfully, far less gruesome means of improvement. Lasik surgery, liposuction, hair transplants, the list is a long one. However, a new type...

6 Tips for Entering Ketosis

As we stated in the previous blog about Keto Flu, some people go through rough start which can be followed by nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, etc. This usually doesn’t last longer than a few days, so 3-5 days for most people. Some may experience longer transition even for 2 weeks, but this is not so common. There are things you could do right from the start to help jump start your new healthy lifestyle. Cut the Carbs, Sweeteners and Sugar-Free Snacks If you are going to transition to a ketogenic diet, you must know that you need to cut...

What Bikram Yoga Can Do For You

Bikram Yoga to some, like me, is a torture sentence.  Being stuffed into a 105-degree room and put through your paces of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, no thank you.  However, to others, like its inventor Bikram Choudhury born in Kolkata in 1946, hot yoga is not only an exercise routine but a life saver. Choudhury says he suffered a horrendous weight lifting injury at age 20 and was told by doctors that he would never walk again.  With the help of Bishnu Ghosh, a champion Yogi, Choudhury was not only able to walk again, he says it only took...

What Is Keto Flu and How to Deal with It?

If you just started a ketogenic diet and went with low carbohydrate regimen, you might be experiencing some symptoms. If this makes you fatigued and exhausted, there are ways to solve this and to relieve these symptoms. Don’t think this is going to last long and don’t think low carb is a bad idea and start wondering why you started in the first place. Just stay focused and informed. This phase is completely normal and is part of the process which is needed for the transaction from a diet with high-carb to a high-fat diet. It may feel unpleasant at...