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 Are you a blogger, Instagrammer, or just into biohacking and self-improvement? Then consider becoming an On Tapp Nutrition Affiliate.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

Try our products. Refer them to your followers and make money. It's very simple. 


1. Get Your Own Unique URL

Each confirmed affiliate will get a unique URL link to send people to the On Tapp Nutrition website. This unique URL tracks purchases made and makes sure you get your commission.

2. Get Your Own Unique Coupon Code

Offer your followers an excellent discount for our products using a coupon code that's unique to you. This code also tracks your referral success and doubly ensures your commission.

3. Share Your Story and Your Unique URL

Affiliates can share the link and coupon in their emails, on their blog, and social media feeds (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We want these to be genuine, so be sure to share your own experience or story about the program.

4. Earn Commission

Commission up to 16% of total sales from your referrals. A gift box valued at over $100. A Unique coupon code and special discounts for your followers. Informative, Entertaining, and Valuable Content to share with your audience. Get paid every month

5. Share Content With Your Audience

We also provide you valuable content to share with your audience. Our priority in providing content is not in promoting our products, but in offering real value in the form of useful and entertaining information on health and nutrition. Use this to keep your audience engaged.

6. Learn What Works as You Go

We’ll hold an online Affiliate Workshop every year to review affiliates’ performances and to learn from one another, including best methods and tactics to get the word out.

  Perfect for sharing on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram feeds.